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Living room


Modern living room in neutral style


A harmonious blend of neutral colors and captivating textures, meticulously curated to craft a tranquil yet invigorating atmosphere within this golf course home. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, creating a space that exudes serenity, excitement, and timelessness—making it a true sanctuary within the Desert Mountain community.

Preferred Style: Organic Modern

Modern kitchen with custom cabinets and elegant finishes


As we all know, kitchens are the heart of the home. This beautiful kitchen remodel shines bright with its rich white cabinets and contrasting wood island. The modern brass finishes selected add an element of interest, while paired with a timeless and elegant backsplash. This kitchen will be enjoyed for years to come.

Preferred Style: Transitional

Modern entryway with large glass front door.


Troon North is a testament to the artful interplay of color and texture, making this residence a unique masterpiece. Harmony is achieved through a masterful blend of vibrant, captivating elements and classic, neutral pieces, resulting in an eclectic and elegantly refined style. The ambition of this project encompassed the complete styling of the home, crafting an environment that is as inviting as it is distinguished.

Preferred Style: Modern Eclectic

Modern transitional style dining room with pool views, overlooking a mountain


Designed from the ground up, Mountaintop Retreat embodies the pinnacle of desert chic, presenting a fusion of understated elegance with a palette of neutral hues and rich textures. The Design Group has thoughtfully curated every element, from the bold and distinctive finishes to the hand-selected artwork, accessories, and furnishings, crafting a narrative of sophistication that weaves through the home's very essence.

Preferred Style: Modern Transitional 

Arizona transitional style living room


The Desert Mountain Estate project was meticulously designed to preserve all finishes, lighting fixtures, and window treatments throughout the residence. In parallel, we undertook the comprehensive task of outfitting the entire home with an exquisite collection of furniture, art, rugs, accessories, and mirrors. Anchored by the property's architectural splendor, our design strategy was to augment the inherent grace of the home, marrying robust furniture pieces with delicate accents to foster an inviting and sophisticated ambiance.

Preferred Style: AZ Transitional

Transitional style kitchen and dining room


Alvamar Estates epitomizes understated elegance through a harmonious blend of neutral hues and rich textures. The Design Group meticulously curated each decor piece to accentuate the home's bold and distinctive finishes, setting it apart as a singular jewel. The careful selection of artwork, accessories, and furnishings weaves a cohesive narrative of sophistication throughout the space, offering an ambiance of refined grace that transcends mere words and resonates on a visceral level. This project was embarked upon with the vision of bringing a complete and brand-new home design to life, achieving a seamless fusion of comfort and luxury.

Preferred Style: Transitional

Modern farmhouse style living room


Ivy Court is a masterpiece of design, where rustic charm meets modern elegance in a seamless blend of mixed materials. This home radiates a warm, intimate ambiance, accentuated by sophisticated details that permeate every corner. Undertaken as a comprehensive interior design endeavor, Ivy Court transformed from a traditional Tuscan abode to a chic modern farmhouse. Every element, from the sleek finishes to the contemporary farmhouse furnishings and accessories, was meticulously chosen to harmonize, creating a timeless family sanctuary that captivates with its stunning beauty. 

Preferred Style: Modern Farmhouse

Modern bedroom


Chauncey Lane is a paradigm of luxury articulated through a sophisticated monochromatic palette that leaves no detail overlooked. The strategic use of textures injects warmth and depth into the space, counterbalancing the cool grey tones that lend an airy, open feel. Each accessory and piece of art has been thoughtfully chosen to introduce an element of drama, transforming into an unforgettable retreat. The project encompassed comprehensive interior design styling, ensuring that every facet of the space contributes to a cohesive  experience.

Preferred Style: Modern

Kitchen in neutral hues


San Rosendo, a meticulously hand-crafted residence in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a testament to bespoke elegance. Every inch of this home has been thoughtfully curated to showcase its distinctive and audacious finishes. The crisp white palette sets a striking contrast against the robust iron details that thread through the property, creating a dynamic interplay of light and texture. This home distinguishes itself as a singular masterpiece. The project encompassed a comprehensive remodel and a thoughtful staging process to breathe new life into the space while accentuating its unique character.

Preferred Style: Modern Farmhouse

Transitional style kitchen


Buckskin Drive presents the epitome of seasonal living, where every detail is meticulously crafted for warmth and vibrancy. Set against a serene neutral backdrop, Buckskin comes alive with carefully selected pops of color, infusing energy into every space. Layers of natural elements invite an ambiance of comfort and coziness, making it an irresistible haven where you would wish to linger indefinitely. The project was focused and precise, aimed at retaining all existing finishes, including lighting and window treatments. The main objective was to furnish the home thoroughly, integrating furniture, art, rugs, and accessories to complete its inviting and harmonious aesthetic.

Preferred Style: Transitional

Living Room

L E T 'S  G E T  S T A R T E D !

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